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Theme Party Ideas

Everyone loves to party! On our website you will find the coolest, the most fun and the best themes for parties,Β  ever. We hope that just reading through our list of the greatest theme party ideas will make you want to throw a party. Tell your friends that when they have run out of party theme ideas, our website is the place to find hundreds more! Party goers and party throwers are welcome to visit our website. The best parties are the ones where everyone is encouraged to interact, so here are some of our best party themes ever. Let’s get down and party!

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Theme Party Ideas

Unique Themes for Parties

The DJ and Dancers Party.

For this party, invite your guests to take turns being the Party DJ. They say everyone has a secret DJ name, so tell your guests to come dressed as their own DJ identity. You can easily create a DJ booth on a table or bench. Make sure your music equipment has good speakers and that you have a microphone set up for the DJ to rap into. Do you have a dimmer switch for turning down the lights? Let’s dance! You could even ask one of your guests to be the Bouncer.

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The Board Game Party.

Remember board games such as Monopoly, Twister and Pictionary? When you are issuing invitations, ask your party-guests to bring a board game. Monopoly and Twister may have been favorites, but what about Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Battleship and Chinese Checkers? The budding politicians amongst your guests may remember Poleconomy, while the Dungeons and Dragons board game may fascinate fantasy gamers. Games are fun for one and all and they will definitely break the ice at your party!

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The Hawaiian Themed Party.

Among the most popular theme party ideas is the Hawaiian themed party. Don’t you just love the idea of doing the Hula? Hire grass skirts and leis and decorate your party venue with Hibiscus and Frangipani flowers. If you’re lucky you may even know someone who plays the ukulele; if not borrow some discs of Hawaiian music. Think Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii and tropical-style drinks made with lots of pineapple and coconut. Turn on the music and see which of your party guests knows how to do the best hip-shakin’ Hula!


The Midnight Breakfast Party.

Tell all your guests to arrive on the dot of 12.00 am. They may be feeling sleepy, so provide lots of crash-out furniture such as lounge cushions and bean bags. Serve piping hot espresso coffee and French toast, or even a croissant or two. How to make this party go? Keep your guests feeling lively by playing radio music and see who wants to get up and dance the rest of the night away. If your guests are still feeling sluggish, turn this party into a sleepover and serve the espresso and French toast for breakfast.

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The Pizza and Selfie Party.

It’s best to hold this type of party in the evening. Order some pizza and invite your guests to order their favorite pizza flavors too. Get things going by taking as many selfies as you like while you are munching on some pizza. Share the selfies around with the rest of the guests. Share and even sign as many selfies as you can and then, just for a surprise take a quick photo of the pizza delivery guy. Keep eating till all the pizza is gone and then take some more selfies.

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P.S You may need a selfie stick to eat and take a good, or bad, photo at the same time.


The Stranger-to-Friends Party.

Invite 10 of your friends to bringΒ  someone they don’t know. It’s party time so the rest is easy. Try to make friends with the people you don’t know. Talk to them, tell them jokes, listen to them, give them a nice hug. This may turn out to be one of the best parties you’ve ever thrown, as your friends make friends and become friends of friends. Relax and let things flow and think of the great stories your guests will be able to tell about the night they met a fantastic new friend at a party.

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The Party Hard Party Animals Party.

Invite your guests to come dressed as the hardest partying party animal they know. This type of invitation should see some interesting characters arriving at the scene of the party. There should be plenty of rock stars, but what about hard partying artistic types or movie stars like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen? Let your guests know that their inner party animal is allowed full scope. Let them pick a party hard hero and imitate their style till dawn.

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Other Theme Party Ideas

We hope that these party theme ideas have inspired you to put on a great bash soon. Also, we have plenty more theme party ideas coming soon that will get you in a mood to party, such as The Secret Date Party, The Go as Your Mum Party, The Pirates of the Caribbean Party, Age Number Birthday Parties, The Book Lovers Party, The Pink Party, The Cats and Mice Party and many more. We are able to advise our clients about the locations of party theme stores and costume stores.

Theme Ideas for Weddings

Our site also specializes in creating themed wedding ideas. Our themed wedding ideas include wedding logos which may be made of the bride and grooms initials, color themed weddings and scented weddings. We also have ideas for Beach Weddings, Rainy Day Weddings and weddings which celebrate marriage equality. We are open to receiving ideas from our clients and we welcome their feedback.

An example of one of our complete Wedding Day Themes is the Chocolate Tasting Wedding – this one is a favorite. We have photographic displays of all our themed wedding ideas which give our clients numerous themes to choose from and which give them some examples of what is possible.

All of our themes, whether they are for parties or weddings are designed to make these occasions fun and enjoyable for all. We do not advocate drug usage, or binge-drinking. We encourage our readers to have fun and enjoy the occasion as much as possible, while remembering to be responsible.




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