10 Ideas for 3 Year Old Birthday Celebration Party

Birthday celebration party

Birthdays mark a paramount day in the life of every individual. Its, however, more important to children and plays a huge role in their development. A good 3 year old birthday celebration party will leave a child happy, encouraged and they will feel loved. It is however not easy to plan the birthday of a young child especially a three-year-old for the child has just started understanding the world. Therefore, everything has to be just perfect to have a successful birthday party for your three years old.

3 year old birthday party idea
3 year old birthday celebration

Firstly, for the invitation you need to invite people, the child is already familiar with. This is to ensure that the kids get comfortable with people already familiar to him/her and not surrounded by strangers the child is meeting for the fist time.

For the menu of the day keep it light and sweet. Do not have huge heavy meals unless a little just for the adults. For the children keep it light just sweets, candy and confectionaries. For the cake, I highly recommend that it should be related to the theme of the birthday party.

10 Themes for 3 year old birthday celebration party

Choosing the right theme for the party: this is the hardest thing when planning a child’s birthday party. You have to pick a theme that is already familiar to the child. Here are some of the topics that can be used for a three-year-old birthday.

Click on images for more ideas.

Career Theme.

Here you can set the theme to about careers. Where children come in dressed as what/who, they want to become. This is, of course, less fun to the kid, but at least, it gives them a glimpse of what they should work for in the future.

Cartoon Theme.

Here you can set the birthday party according to the child’s favorite cartoon or Disney characters. This will leave the children in awe and they will have a great birthday, you can also include a mascot dressed as the character to leave the children speechless.

Barbie Theme party

if your child is a girl, you can have a barbie party where the birthday girl is dressed as a barbie while the rest of the children come dressed as ballerinas.

Park Theme

Here you set the party to have a park-like theme where you have swings, see-saws, poles and even bouncing castle to ensure the children have fun.

Superhero theme:

The children come dressed as their favorite superhero and each of them gets to showcase their superpowers. This keeps them busy and entertained.

Water park:

Here you can have small temporary baby pools where the children can have fun while playing with water. You can also have water balls and water guns.

Angry bird:

This is very prevalent among children you can have them play and each child should get an angry bird goodie bag or shirt.

Lego house:

This has been the children’s favorite for centuries here you can create a massive Lego masterpiece where the kids can play and give out Lego goodie bags.

Movie theme:

Here you can create a theme from any of the animated children’s films such as Toy Story, Cinderella or even cars. Other than that you can also create a Hollywood style theme.

Pet or puppy theme

Kids love pets so it is a good idea to throw a party with this theme. If you have a pet, you can make a cake with its image. You can also make a dog house. For more ideas click on the image below.

Child’s preference: sometimes we try to make the best decisions for the child but sometimes it is better to ask the what exactly they want.
It is good to have a perfectly planned 3 year old birthday celebration party for your kids but the most important thing is to ensure that they have fun.

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