Party on a budget? Tricks And Tips For The Best Party

party on a budget

Parties used to just be saved for birthdays. We have put together some of the best ways you can throw a party on a budget.Nowadays, people use any excuse to throw a party, from graduations to baby showers to house warming parties, you could probably come up with a reason to celebrate at least once a week.

But, there’s one reason that stops us from throwing a party that regularly and that is because of the associated cost. Parties could drain your bank balance if you let it, but most sensible people wouldn’t blow all of their savings on a party. However, for those that are throwing a party on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on the fun.

 Party on a budget


Paper invitations are not commonly needed unless it is a formal event like a wedding. Instead, all you need to do is send out a text, an email or you could use an invite platform like Evite. This is a free way to invite your guests and it allows your guests to RSVP too, so you will know how many people you can expect easily.

Some people will also use Facebook to invite their friends to a party, we would not recommend this, as let’s face it anyone could then turn up.

Check out theme based invitation cards.


If you choose not to go with the bring a bottle policy, you may want to consider a bring a plate policy instead. This will not only save you money, but your guests will have a wider variety of foods to pick from.


If you wanted too, you could spend a fortune on buying lots of pretty party decorations. But, the smart ones amongst us will realize that most of the decor bits are easy to make yourself. As long as you have a bit of guidance of course. YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration, so get yourself online and save yourself some pennies.

Guest-list for a party on a budget

One of the toughest things about planning a party is thinking about the guest list. In fact, some people even lose sleep over the thought of it. But, in order to save money, you should really only invite people that you want to come. It is also acceptable to say no to those people that ask to bring someone else.


People can spend hundreds of pounds just on getting a new outfit especially for a party. But, you can still look beautiful without splashing the cash. Instead of buying something new why not do a wardrobe swap with some of your friends, you will all have something ‘new’ to wear without spending a penny.


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