Free Music Downloaders for Parties on a Budget

free music downloader wedding

Are you planning a wedding for yourself or throwing a fun party for your best friend and looking for some free music to keep party on a budget? Well, don’t worry as we have got you covered! Following are some of the best free music downloaders where you can find the right track for your fun day without spending a dime.

Top Free Music Downloaders

Party without music is no party at all. So without keeping you away from the best free music available online let’s see some best free music downloader for PC and Mac.

  1. Wondershare TunesGo:

The first one on this list of music downloaders is TunesGo 8.0 from Wondershare which has been newly upgraded with more attractive features and user-friendly interface. You can also get music recommendations from its awesome community members. You can check other features of TunesGo below:

  • You can freely download your favorite music from TunesGo
  • You can not only download music but can also record music from more than 10,000 music related sites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.
  • If you like a song on YouTube or Spotify which is not available anywhere else, you can use TunesGo for this (for instructions see the video below).
  • Another awesome feature is that you can keep your music library neat and organize, remove duplicates, tag your tracks, remove songs that are not available or broken, etc. So, next time if you want specific theme music for your theme party, you can easily access that from your organized playlist.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac system but if you want to listen to music on the go transfer your songs to your mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

music downloader


Watch this video for how to download music from YouTube using TunesGo

2.  Jamendo

music downloaders

It’s a free music website and community for independent music artists and music lovers. You can listen to music in MP3 format or download it. You can bookmark your favorite songs and albums, create playlists or share music on other social networks.


3. Amazon

amazon music downloaders

Amazon is no doubt a huge shopping website where you can literally find anything, including free music. Although recent music is not free, there is quite huge free music library. You can search music by songs, artist, genre, album, or time. Once you find the desired song after listening to its preview, go ahead and click on the yellow ‘Free’ button and download it.


4. Soundcloud

music downloader soundcloud


Know as the YouTube for musicians or music lovers where you can not only upload your music but also download music for free. However, not all music is free depending on the label and uploader but you still will definitely find some free music to download as well. If the track you want for your party is not downloadable, you can stream it online for free.


5. Easy MP3 Downloader

free music downloader mp3

Another music downloader where you can search a large database of free music but there is a catch; you can only download first five music tracks for free and then you have to pay to use their service. I would say, if trying free trial version, choose your songs wisely!


6. YouTube

free music downloader YouTube


The most used site for streaming music online is YouTube. You will find any song track on YouTube if the uploader has made the video available in your country. In case, you want to download MP3 version, you can do it through Wondershare TunesGo as explained in the video.



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