6 Unique and Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas spa

Apart from the wedding day, a bachelorette party is another important date for the bride-to-be. As her bridesmaids, you have to come up with the most fun bachelorette party ideas for the party and surprise your bride. Some of you might want a standard night out with plenty of drinks, but there are several other, equally fun ways, to spend this girls’ night.

Bachelorette party ideas

1. Bachelorette Spa Day

With all the planning and rushing about the wedding day, you all need some rest and relaxation. That is why you should all pamper yourselves and enjoy the best spa services, like massages and facials. This will help you relax and feel refreshed before the big day. Spa bachelorette party ideas are perfect if family members are attending as well, and you can make it even more special by providing goody bags for each attendee. Fill them with masks, nail files, slippers or other beauty products.


2. Go Camping

Step outside the box and literally go out for your bachelorette party. Gather up your gals, pack the sleeping bags, tents, flashlights and find a nice camping place. This way, you will be alone with your besties, get in touch with nature, take a break from all the city noises and daily obligations at least for one night. Get the party going by starting a small campfire and get your favorite drinks to keep you warm.

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3.  Old-School Sleepover

All of you have probably been best friends for a long time, so why not organize a good old slumber party? Sleepovers are probably one of the cheapest but most fun ways to get cozy and spend some time with your girls. To make things a bit more special, you can rent a hotel room, eat plenty of junk food, and get some fun props for a bunch of memorable photos. If none of these have your attention, you can always eat some ice cream and catch up on gossiping while watching movies about bachelorette parties.

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4. Photo Shoot

Another great idea for a perfect bachelorette party is having an awesome, creative photo shoot. Hire a professional photographer, pick a destination for the shoot and get all fancy and glamorous for the photos. You can each choose some props or costumes for the shoot. Print some fun custom shirts for the bride and yourselves that will make you stand out. Get your hair done, give each other makeovers and simply wear what you wish for this glorious and certainly memorable bachelorette party. If that is not enough, you can always hit the town after the shoot and have the photographer follow you everywhere.


5. Girly, Themed Party

Such occasion is just perfect for the theme parties. Also, to stay in the spirit of the bachelorette party, you can borrow the themes from the classic chick movies. “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “Sex and the City” are perfect choices for a theme party where you can get all dressed up in pretty colours, go out or watch these classics. However, you can step out of the stereotypes a bit and have “The Hangover” or “The Great Gatsby” themed parties and include plenty of dressing up, dancing and drinking. Just make sure to take lots of photos if you wish to recall your memories later.

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6. Bachelorettes vs. Bachelor Game Night

Co-ed bachelorette and bachelor parties are simply the best. You can gather all the boys and girls, split into two groups and prepare for some competition. Get plenty of board, video, trivia, drinking and some silly wedding games and let the best group win. Keep the score of each game on the board and have fun together with all of your friends. Just make sure not to forget some drinks and tasty snacks.

Ideas are endless when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. Take your pick, get the necessary things and make this special night truly memorable for all of you.

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