Surprise Party Ideas- 5 Unique and Fun Ideas

surprise party ideas

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or graduation the element of surprise in a party needs to be given considerable thought as it can often go wrong and not serve to surprise your loved one at all. With these unique and creative surprise party ideas, you will never fail to surprise your loved one and make the occasion even more memorable.

Planning a Surprise Party

1. Collected Notes Surprise

Your surprise party planning can be made more mysterious by using notes to keep your loved one confused and puzzled. The more they will be confused, the more surprised they will be at the party. So start the day by leaving a trail of notes around the things that your loved one comes across like the bedside table, washroom mirror, and sticky notes on the fridge, breakfast table or the car. Now all you have to do is wait for that priceless look of surprise on the face of your loved one.

surprise party notes


2.  The Kidnapping Surprise

What could be more exciting and thrilling than kidnapping someone on his or her special day? A great way to do this is to unexpectedly knock on the person’s door you intend to surprise, make sure he/she is at home on that particular day and time. Blindfold them and take them to the car, be careful not to make them extremely scared or you might ruin the surprise. In order to avoid this, keep giving hints mysteriously regarding the occasion. If you are taking them to an indoor party location, then ensure that the room is pitch dark when you take off the blindfold. Surprise! There you go, you have executed the most awesome surprise ever with this party idea.


3.  The Treasure Hunt Surprise Party Ideas

We all love playing treasure hunt and finding exciting gifts, which is why a treasure hunt surprise is a great option. Add a little twist to this game by hiding the loved ones of the person you intend to surprise rather than simple gifts. These loved ones can be old friends, relatives and parents especially if they live in another city. If you intend to use gifts, you can make it more exciting by hiding clues in places where you met for the first time. The clue can then lead to another special location eventually leading to the surprise party.


4.  A Movie Themed Surprise Party

themes for parties- maksk

Why not consider your loved one’s favorite movie as a theme for your surprise party. It doesn’t have to necessarily evolve around a movie, if they enjoy comics or a certain season, you can use that as a theme for your surprise party too. Send out private invites to your family and friends telling them to dress up like the characters in that specific movie. You can also customize all aspects of the party from decorations, games to giveaways and cutlery in accordance to the selected movie theme.


5.  Flower Bomb Surprise

Sometimes the small things create an even bigger impact on your loved one. Creating a flower bomb in the room, car or any other place will definitely surprise your loved one and bring tears to their eyes. This can also be used to patch up a rift between best friends forever or simply to show your wife how much you love her. Pick a place where you want to create your flower bomb and use wooden garden boxes filled with green floral foam. Work your way to create a shape that isn’t too typical but at the same time accentuates the curves of the specific area you wish to display your flower bomb.

confetti- surprise party

Do you have any other surprise party ideas or stories? Share with s in the comment section below.






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