5 Interesting Ideas for Including dog on your Wedding day!

including dog on your wedding day

This magical day should be perfect for all of you, including your precious little puppy. If you are a dog lover, you certainly want to include your dog on your wedding day, and that is exactly what you should do. Of course, there are a few things to consider before you bring them to the ceremony or the reception.

Including Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

Inform Your Guests

Everyone who will be attending your wedding should be informed that your dog will be present as well. This will help prepare your guests for all the fun and surprises that might occur. Better yet, you can ask your guests to bring their own dogs and turn your wedding into a huge, pet friendly party. You can even print the information about it on your wedding invitations.

dogs at wedding

Match the Colors

You probably want your dog to fit in as much as possible, so why not get them clothes that match yours in style or color? Depending on your dog’s personality and tolerance, you can dress them up into a cute little tuxedo or a dress, that will match your own. However, if you know your dog does not like clothes, you can always opt for a fancy collar. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can get them a fancy bejeweled collar that matches your jewelry; if you’re having a Boho wedding, you can accessorise their neck with a beautiful flower wreath. After all, if your dog does not like suits – or you just want to keep it simple – you can always count on Stefmar, where you can find collars that match the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses. [Also see: A beautiful wedding on a budget.]


Practice Makes Perfect

Walking down the aisle and being among dozens of people might present a challenge even for well-trained dogs. That is why you should start practicing this with your furry friend in advance, and make sure that they are comfortable enough with all of their duties. Practice walking down the aisle with their handler as many times as your dog might need it. If they are playing the role of the ring bearer, teach them how to behave throughout the ceremony. Additionally, include your pet in the wedding rehearsal and always remember to reward them after a job well done.


Make Time for Playtime

Wedding days can be hectic, and you will have plenty of things to do. Even though you will have to pose for thousands of pictures with your guests, you have to make some time for your dog, as well. They will certainly get nervous or bored among all those people, and they will need your attention to recharge their batteries. Playing with them for 15 minutes, will help you relax and take your mind off of all those obligations, but it will also let your pet know that they are not neglected.

Creative Wedding Cakes

A traditional wedding cake includes small figurines of bride and groom on the top; but, why not include your dog as well? You and your partner should figure out what kind of ornaments you wish to put on your wedding cake, and see what the best way to include your puppy into the decoration would be. If you do this, you will surprise everyone with your creativity, but you will also honor your pet by making them a part of your special day.

Don’t leave your doggy all alone while everyone else is dancing and having fun. Include them in your ceremony and reception, and you will have no regrets. It may take some time to prepare everything, but once the party starts – and you see how happy your fur baby is – you will be even happier. And not to mention all the amazing photos you will make!

Authored by: Emma Lawson



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