Summer Party Ideas- 30 Totally Clever DIY Tips

summer party ideas 29

How time flies! Summer is just here. Are you already looking forward to all the great summer parties? If you are planning for one, here are some summer party ideas for you to consider.

Summer Party Ideas

DIY Summer Party Tips

Here are 30 tips for a cool summer party:

1) Popsicles

This is one of my favorites. Summer party without fruits popsicles is not a party at all. You can make them from any fruit and be creative with the colors and flavors. You can also place frozen Popsicle inside glasses of juice. This not only provides a very good visual effect, but it also sweetens your drink for a very nice summer treat for your guests.

summer party ideas 29

2) Tropical Decoration

Summer relates to warmth, ocean and relaxation like in a spa. Provide spa robes and slippers to your guests. Have simple spa experiences such as manicure or pedicure, follow by a healthy lunch.

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3) Wooden Barrel Tables

Instead of the usual boring tables and chairs, use wooden barrels with a piece of wood place on top us a table. With some creative drinks served, this gives a very natural feeling, ideal for summer parties.

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4) Fruit Crates

Decorate each place setting with a fruit crate. It can be any kind of fruit, but most people prefers fruits that comes with summer colors like red, green or orange. So, strawberries definitely fit the bill.

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5) Creative Buffet Table

Instead of the usual long table for buffet, why not consider to use a rustic dresser as a chic buffet table? Or something that can start a conversation among the guests wile they are queening up for their food.

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6) Juice Box

Kids should not be forgotten in parties. To delight them, use mason jars with colorful straws instead of the normal juice boxes.

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7) Parasols

Hang colorful parasols on trees and walkways to give a tropical feel. Not only that, it can also provide shades for the guests under the hot sun.

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8) Culinary Holders

To be creative, use colorful small flower pots as culinary holders. With different colors of the pots, they will look great with silverware.

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9) Drink covers

You can expect to have some bugs flying around during summer. You will not want any of those to fall into the drinks of your guests. You can use cupcakes cup as a cover for the drinks. It adds colors and fun to the drinks.

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10) Vases

Use empty wine bottles as vases to be hang along the dinning or buffet table. Be bold with the type and colors of flowers.

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11) Deserts’ Location

At the deserts area, use creative pointers to indicate it is a dessert area. For example, you can use fabric ice cream cones to point to the dessert area. You can also make wooden arrows for this purpose.

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12) Canvas Awning

Above any outdoor sofa, place a canvas awning instead of using the normal umbrellas. This gives a very relaxing feeling as if it is a tropical resort.

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13) Display of Cupcakes

Instead of the normal display of cupcakes on the table, hang them up using colored ribbons. A sure “wow” from your guests.

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14) Additional Decorations

Make a colorful fabric tassel garland to decorate anywhere in your house. This will help to add a tropical feel to your party.

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15) Creative Place Cards

Rather than using the standard place cards, use a half-cut lemon instead. Depending on the topic and theme, you can use oranges as well or use leaves.

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16) Ice Cream Parlor

Now your kid’s kitchen set can come to be of good use. Use it to set up all the fixings for sundaes. All kids will definitely like this idea and will enjoy better in making sundaes.

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17) Punch Bowl

Forget about the standard glass bowl for your punch. Instead, hollow out a watermelon and use it as a punch bowl.

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18) Vintage Decorations

To bring out the character strongly, decorate your party with vintage treasures that you can either get it from your house, if you have it, or get it from thrift stores.

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19) Tablecloth

To make it more country style liked, do not use the normal tablecloth. Use a quilt instead. This gives a very rustic feel and goes with the warmth of the summer.

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20) Fruit Ice Cubes

This is also one of my favorites in summer party ideas. To add flavors and colors to your drink, freeze ice cubes with fruits in it.

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21) Colorful Roof

To add party atmosphere, use multi-colored ribbons to hang over the dinning table.

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22) Unique Backdrop

At any photo booth and featured corner, use bright color paper chain as a unique backdrop.

summer party ideas 30


23) Table Decorations

Use different colors of flowers, and place each of them inside an upside down cup. Put a candle on top to light up in the dark. This is surely romantic.

summer party ideas 7


24) Oriental Featured Wall

Use a cluster of fans, pom pom and Chinese lanterns to make a colorful background for the food display.

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25) Natural Coasters

Instead of the normal coasters, cut out a bog part of a leave and use it as coaster instead. It will surely gives a refreshing feeling to your guests.

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26) Summer Drinks

Raspberry lemonade Slushie is the best drink that you can offer in summer. It is super refreshing summer frozen treat.

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27) Enjoy Strawberries

Scoop out the inside of a strawberry, and you will have a little edible bowl. Fill it with cheesecake fillings and it will be ready for your guests.

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28) Frozen Peanut Butter Pie Pops

This is one of the most popular deserts for summer parties. It is easy to prepare, and serve its purpose to cool them the summer temperatures.

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29) Candles

In summer, there are lots of bugs that will join the party. To ward off the bugs, make ethereal floating candles with citronella oil.

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30) Serving of Snacks

Especially for pool side parties, keep snacks in buckets and use a toy shovel as a scoop. Fun and impressive.

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These are only few summer party ideas, you can add more colors and fun activities to make a cool summer party for your friends to member for a long time.




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