7 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

tips for wedding gifts

So you get your wedding invitation, and yet you are on the fence as to whether to treat this invitation as an honor or an obligation. Without a doubt, weddings (especially grand and big ones) cost an exorbitant amount of money that any guest invited would feel an overwhelming sense of onus in granting the couple a gift.

How to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

For thrifty guests and invitees on a budget, it may be a bit of a challenge to find a gift that would be economically reasonable while being worthy of such a grand scale occasion and event. Take note that the expenses you are going to incur would not limit itself to the gifts you bring, but it would extend to the dress or gown you wear, the shoes to go with it, the bachelor and bachelorette parties and the airfare tickets you would need should it be a destination wedding. When you accumulate all of that, it can be quite a startling sum for frugal guests. However, fret not; there are ways of cutting costs in terms of wedding gifts without appearing overly miserly which are all shown below.


1.)    Consider your presence

If you have already racked up quite a significant expense just to be present at someone’s wedding, it would be wise to skimp on the wedding gift. You do not want to go broke just trying to come up with the perfect wedding gift after all, and you still have a lot of other expenses to consider (perhaps your ticket back home and the bill of your stay at a hotel). A bottle of wine or something inexpensive would suffice. After all, your presence is more than enough for the couple.

2.)    Team Up

If you actually want to give a grand gift that is on the quite pricey side, consider giving it as a group so that you would not have to shoulder the expensive price tag alone. Just be sure everyone agrees to pitch in the same amount or at least has a similar budget. The more friends you gather for a wedding gift, the more you will save, and you are likely going to end up with a much nicer gift.

3.)    Gifts cards and cash

Wedding guests seem to be under the impression that giving gift cards or cash as a wedding gift is tacky. This idea should be dispelled and more often than not, the couple would very much appreciate the extra money they are going to get once they get the final bill of their wedding expense. Given the barrage of gifts they are sure to receive on the shower, the wedding day and other pre-wedding events, there is no real guarantee that your chosen wedding gift would be unique. So, might as well let them choose for themselves.

4.)    Do not overspend

Giving the couple a lovely gift is a great sentiment, but it is not imperative upon guests. The couple may have lavish and expensive tastes, but that does not mean you are required to bring them a gift that is just as lavish. Your wedding invitation does not equate to an invoice after all.

5.)    Think practically

Most couples would have a registry where you can choose from a selection of pre-selected gifts within your budget. A practical move since it hits two birds with one stone: The guest can pick a gift within his or her budget while the couple gets a gift they know they will want. Do not be ashamed to select the smaller and cheaper gifts. The couple is guaranteed to appreciate your gifts regardless; they are the ones who came up with the registry after all.

6.)    Personalize

An excellent way to perk up an inexpensive gift is to have it personalized. Give the couple something nondescript such as a pair of bathrobes with their names engraved on the back of each, or perhaps customized stationery embossed with their names that they can use in thanking their guests for the gifts and their presence during their wedding. Your gift may seem ordinary to you, but the customization and personalization would make it extraordinary.

7.)    Contribute to the big day

Instead of giving a gift in the form of a tangible item, why not offer your skills, talent or services instead? Perhaps you can bake the couple’s wedding cake, emcee the couple’s wedding reception or maybe alter the bride’s dress to her liking? You do not need to spend when you have a set of useful skills for the wedding at your disposal.


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