10 Things To Know For Your Beach Wedding

tips for beach wedding

Have you always dreamt of having a beach wedding? If your reply is in affirmation, then there is nothing more romantic than enjoying the whole feeling of the beach sand mingling with your toes and cool breeze kissing your hair. If just like anybody else, you want your wedding ceremony to go without a hitch, then there are certain things that you need to be aware of. Let us get familiar with these things.

10 Things To Know For Your Beach Wedding

Go For Daytime Wedding


Having an ocean as your backdrop is one of the romantic things that will indeed make your wedding special. Once it gets dark, everything loses its charm, unless you are lucky enough and has the moon on your side. But, when it comes to the daytime wedding, you have to be certain that you have ensured few things. Make sure the decorations are done in such a way that you have the provision of a shade or some matching curtain at the place where you will be exchanging the rings.

Dress Up For The Day

If you have decided to have a beach wedding like we discussed above, you have to be particular about some things and your wedding dress is one of them. So, you can shop for an airy sheath, it can be an ideal choice to make your day special. But if you want to go for a gown, make sure it is made using lighter fabric that allows easy movement. If you want to play with colors, you can choose a colored wedding gown as well.

Say No To ‘Heels’


We have already discussed the wedding dress, now let us decide about the shoes. High heels and the sand just don’t go well together, so avoid wearing them. Preferably wear flats, espadrilles, or shoes that you will feel comfortable while walking on the sand. It can get pretty hot during the daytime, so ensure that the aisle runner is made of some fabric or flower petals that will offer some protection to your feet.

Adding Some Colors

If you really want the wedding setup to look cool, make sure you have spent some time with the decorator. You can take his suggestions or you can share your views about how you want the things to be done. Going for the contrast colors of the surf and the sand can be a great option. Don’t make efforts to just blend in with the usual colors. Think out of the box to make your day more special.

Have A Permit

It is important that you have done the paperwork that is required to hold a wedding on the beach, it is more important when it is public. You should also inquire about the sound ordinances and make sure you follow them. These rules vary as per the location so, it is better that you have done the research work well in advance. There are few things that should be considered like – whether the wedding is small or big, use of liquor, will there be a bonfire, etc.

Know The Season


Beach season also changes according to the geography, you don’t want the windy conditions to play a spoilsport in your wedding. You have to decide whether the beach, you have finalized, is having a high or low season. Every wedding venue will have its pros and cons depending on your wedding date. The upside of the high season can be beneficial but on the other hand, the downside is as following –

  • More patrolling on the beach.
  • More crowd on the beach.
  • More expensive to find the lodge for the guests and relatives.


For both of you, strolling in the sand beach can be pleasurable, but what about your grandma who is wheelchair-bound or any of your guests with walking impairment? Make sure you have made apt arrangements so that they can be a part of your special day.

Visit The Venue In Advance



Deciding a beach venue is really important as a lot of other things rest on this decision. It will also help you in deciding how many guests can be accommodated comfortably so for that you need to pay a personal visit to the venue. It will also help you decide whether you want to have the wedding ceremony at the beach or somewhere near the beach.

Hiring A Vendor

It is important that the vendor should have apt years of experience, especially in organizing beach weddings. You can consult with the vendors, who have arranged such weddings in the past, from your friends and family members. Make a list of the best vendors; get to know what their charges are, and what services they offer. Once you have finalized a vendor, sit with him and take his suggestions and share your views about the wedding to make the whole ceremony unforgettable.

Backup Plan

Finally, having a backup plan will certainly save you from facing any kind of embarrassment or any shortcoming. You cannot control Mother Nature, who knows you might have to face a windy situation, it might rain, or the sun is unforgivably hot. So, as a backup plan, renting a tent or tying up with a nearby hotel or hall will surely come handy.

So, go on and make your wedding day special by acknowledging the above-discussed things.


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