5 tips for choosing the right Wedding Catering Service!

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There will rarely ever be a day so exciting and wonderful as your wedding day, and it’s absolutely understandable you’re getting the wedding nerves. And while you may not be the person involved in all the planning, you are the backbone of this “wedding operation” and you need to be included in all decisions regarding your celebration.

Hot tips and questions for choosing the right Wedding Catering Service!

Whether you’re planning an intimate affair or a large wedding, you’re going to need to feed the guests. Decorations, music, the venue and overall ambiance aside, in order to be as amazing as you’ve always wanted it to be – your wedding should pride itself on the fresh, gorgeous food serving that needs to be just as fabulous as everyone is expecting it to be. The key aspect of it? The right catering service.

Wedding Caterer

Given you probably have no (or little) experience in choosing a catering service, we’ve put together a list of Q and As to help out and make your journey to the right caterer-pick as easy as possible:

What does a good caterer make?

Flexibility! Most catering services have their preplanned menus and they usually aren’t comfortable with changing anything on them. However, given you’re choosing a menu for your big day and there’s no room for compromise on your end, you should opt for a catering service that will be willing to incorporate all of your ideas and tailored requests. Obviously, you need to understand that not everything you’ve envisioned is possible, but a good caterer will find a way to explain why and additionally suggest an option that’s close (and possible) to what you’d envisioned.




What’s the drill when exploring options?

The usual praxis is to single out a few preferred catering services, schedule your time with them and have a try of their menu. Taste samples are there as base and most catering services are open to upgrades or downgrades of the menu. Depending on your wedding specifics/requirements, i.e. a vegetarian wedding, vegan wedding, all-sweet-wedding, etc. ask caterers if they’d be able to meet your expectations. Don’t just settle for the standard options if they don’t agree with your vision – arrange a bespoke menu.

Also, it won’t do any harm if you asked them to fashion an example menu, with their own suggested starter, main dish and dessert.


Are external catering services better than the internal ones?

The venues that are optimized for weddings and other ceremonies often offer a catering service, too. With such offers, you may not even need to go and search for the catering service outside of your wedding comfort zone. However, make sure you test the service before deciding you want them – treat them just as you would any external catering service tried for booking.

If, however, you decide on the external catering service, you’re getting the benefits of flexibility, industry knowledge and undivided dedication to the food and drinks provided, as these organizations are independent companies that have no contractual ties or obligations to other businesses. For instance, the experience shows that party catering in Sydney has been a major success with external caterers, which is why more and more couples are going for that option.

What about catering suppliers?

When you choose the right catering service, you won’t have to worry about their suppliers. A responsible catering service will make it their business to collaborate with the best class suppliers whose quality will be reflected in every dish. It wouldn’t harm to ask for your chosen catering service’s supplier contract to examine as well as their proof certificate of quality. Better safe than sorry, right?

We hope our advice helped. Enjoy your wedding day to the fullest and, hopefully, eat well!


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Emma Lawson





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