Theme wedding invitation cards ideas, tips and tricks

theme wedding invitation cards

An invitation card for any occasion particularly for a wedding needs a lot of consideration because it is like a preview for an upcoming wedding. Choosing wedding invitation cards can be very tricky. The best and easy option is to go with the theme of the wedding.

Theme wedding invitation cards

Choosing a theme for a wedding is the first step in wedding planning. This step helps to organize the rest of your special occasion. You can decide theme wedding invitation cards based on the following themes:

  1. Primary theme: Color

Color themes are safest and easy to choose from. You can opt for light colors if you want a soft romantic type of wedding ceremony, Dark colors on the hand, suits contemporary feel. But the rule is light colored typography on dark back ground and vice versa so that it is easy to read.

  1. Secondary theme:

This category includes themes like; a touch of culture, a specific era, based on a movie or a movie, Disney based themes, military theme (for example a couple of blue and white strips for a navy theme wedding, beach side wedding (a palm tree, some corals or shells sketched at a corner of the card) and so on. This category has to be dealt with very carefully because no wants a wedding ceremony to look like a kids birthday party or if it too much in the face instead, just a touch of it.

Other Requisites

  1. Font choices:

For a modern look: Fonts that have sleek, clean lines and are non-decorative for example Sans Serif fonts have a more contemporary feeling..

For vintage or soft look: Script fonts or a combination of with a couple of other fonts for instance, First capital letter of each word is in a Calligraphy font style and the rest is followed by Sans or Sans Serif fonts.

Can read about perfect fonts for invitation in detail.

  1. Description:

Simple with a quote and information or to flavor it with a tinge of humor, slightly based on the theme of your wedding for example, in the following Coffee theme based wedding invitation card, it says β€œLove is Brewing”.

Tip: e-invites

The couple has set up a website specifically for their wedding. They have shared all the details about their wedding in form of a blog and images gallery along with an invite page. But, people prefer invitation cards as t has a more personal feel to it.


Image source: Invitation Crush


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