Ever Thought About an Outdoor Wedding?

Outdoor Wedding

Organizing An Outdoor Wedding?

Planning a wedding is a tough job and most people rush to book a venue of their dreams. However, sometimes there are no available places for booking and if there are, the room might become stuffed and crowded by all the guests.

So why not move your wedding venue to your backyard? It is spacious, there is plenty of fresh air and the combinations of natural colors can do wonders. The most beautiful time of the year for an outdoor wedding certainly is spring and summer; but if you are brave and organized enough, you can pull off a romantic wedding during the fall or winter, as well.

beautiful lake an outdoor wedding

Comfort for the Guests

Since the whole ceremony and reception are outside, you have to make sure everyone is comfortable. If the wedding is during the summer, there shouldn’t be any problems as far as weather is concerned. Just to be sure, you can provide a few fans that will stir up the air and make your yard more bearable under the sun.

an outdoor wedding

During the spring and fall, you might get surprised by rain, so you can consider pitching a white spacious tent that you can decorate with flowers and dimmed lights. As far as winter is concerned, you wedding will look romantic, but you have to provide a bit heat for the guests. You can also pitch a tent, but make sure there are several heaters to make everyone comfy.

Also, since there will be a lot of sitting, consider renting enough chairs that you can decorate according to your theme, and provide enough tables for everyone to have a place for their drinks and plates.

beautiful wedding an outdoor wedding

Natural Décor

Since all the natural colors are already there, you can add just a few more natural decorative elements. Arrange lush and colorful centerpieces of your favorite flowers on the tables. If you have pitched a tent, you can easily hang green and white wreaths on the sides and provide depth to the ordinary white tent. However, the biggest decoration will be your neat grass pavers that will definitely add an interesting touch and will make a perfect aisle. Don’t forget that nature and fresh air play a major role in romantic weddings, and it gets even better if there is a magnificent view from your yard; all you have to do is frame it with an elegant arch and your wedding will be memorable.

simple wedding an outdoor wedding


Color Combinations

decor of an outdoor weddig

The most common color of any wedding is white. However, since you are outside, you have plenty of colors to use and match. If the wedding is in spring or summer, you should make use of the bright green grass and colorful blooming trees. By adding a few colorful luminaries, you will provide enough contrast to the green trees and enough light for the evening. The white color perfectly fits this décor, as well, so use it as much as you want on the chairs, trees and for the arch. Moreover, for better contrast, use the calming colors of spring flowers.

an outdoor wedding at day

For the fall weddings, you should contrast the gentle brown, red and orange colors of the leaves with soft shades of green and beige; but don’t forget the white, too. Finally, in winter, everything is white and that is why you should use bolder colors, such as maroon, red and even greens and blues to provide contrast and a nice wow factor.


Since there is no prepared venue, you have to get creative in order to create a pleasant ambient. Remember that this is your day and you can do as you please. So, if you wish to have luminaries and lanterns hanging from trees, you can. Plus, they will create a warm atmosphere when the sun goes down. Also, you can use tall glasses and put candles in them for the ultimate romance. You can even use insect repellant candles and kill two birds with one stone. Moreover, don’t forget to provide a smaller stage for the band and enough space for dancing. If you add the mesmerizing natural decoration, a few DIY decorative pieces and a lot of pleasant contrast, the ambient will be just perfect.

An outdoor wedding at night

Don’t close you and your guests in small spaces that can become stuffed fast. Rather, take the advantage of your backyard and have the most perfect wedding in the world, under the sun and with plenty of fresh air.

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