Wedding Cake Ideas- Top 5 Beautiful Inspirations

black and gold wedding cake with flowers

Many things should be considered while planning a perfect and ideal wedding. Deciding your wedding venue and menu are obviously essential but deciding your wedding cake is equally important. It should be one of the most important things on your list. Your wedding would be incomplete without a wedding cake. Here are some wedding cake ideas for you to get some inspiration for your d-day.

Β Wedding cake ideas

wedding cake ideas ruffled

Maggie Austin cake

Wedding cake is considered as the sweetness that the couple share. It symbolizes a commitment to the sweet life the couple is going to share. It should be very appealing and attracting in the eyes of your guests as well. They will be the ones eating it so it has to be delicious as well as beautiful.

Below are few wedding cake ideas that can help you in deciding the cake that you want for your big day.

Gatsby inspired cake

Gatsby inspired cake is perfect for a theme inspired wedding ceremony. This cake has sugar-made pearls all over. Mouth-watering, beautiful, delicate and ivory sugar flowers are added at the top of the cake. This design of cake is perfect for those who want a classic yet modern cake for their wedding. This cake includes all the elements that speak about the period of 1920s. It has a very edgy geometric pattern, which shows that glamour can be subtle as well.

wedding cake ideas gatsby

People can’t get enough off the pearls attached to it. It gives a very elegant look. Vibrant gold palettes are mostly added to the Gatsby inspired cakes but a silver cake can also stand out.

Ombre cake

Ombre is very popular and is most of the time seen on wedding cakes. Ruffled and Ombre cakes are the latest styles of sweet treats. If you want to give a vibrant color and touch to your wedding, you can add Ombre icing on your wedding cake. It gives a very soft fading effect and the combination of pastel colors and bright shades on it makes the cake look beautiful and tempting.

wedding cake ideas ombre

Graphic stack

Graphic stack technique can be used for your wedding cake as well. In this cake, the tiers are square shaped. A graphic piped pattern is there on all the square tiers of your wedding cake that will give a complete geometrical affect to it. It can give a modern look to a traditional all-white cake ideas hand painted


Fruit cake

Fruit cake gives a very rustic look to a classic cake. There is a beautiful topping of delicious fruits and it is stuffed with nuts inside the tiers of the cake, which makes it more scrumptious. It is very unconventional but still yummy to eat. One of the most popular flavors is raspberry sponge. You can always select different flavors for different tiers but the most popular and tasty flavor should be in the big base tier.

wedding cake ideas fruit cake

Illustrated wedding cake ideas

Use of illustrated cake is an amazing way to personalize your wedding cake. You can select a specific piece of art that you and your beloved love and then you can ask the cake designer to paint that art piece on your cake. It gives a very personal touch.

wedding cake ideas illustrated cake


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