5 Ways To Make Wedding DIY Tasks Fun

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As the wedding day gets closer, there are also a lot more things to do and tasks to finish. Honestly, feeling a bit stressed out and tired is unavoidable. And among all the chores that you have to tend to, your wedding DIY projects might get the short end of the stick. In all the chaos and preparations, DIY projects could seem less important and a lot more tedious. But, with some help and will to have fun no matter what, you can make every step of the way that leads to your wedding day entertaining and interesting.

Here’s How to Actually Make Wedding DIY Tasks Fun

Invite some friends


Everything’s better and more amusing when done in a group. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to call your closest friends and ask them for help with some of the DIY projects. Not only will you finish the work a lot faster, but you will inevitably have more fun together. Chatting and laughing will definitely make the boring aspects of DIYs disappear.

Go for a different location


You might not have the time to go camping with your friends in the midst of your wedding preparations but you can do something similar. When tending to the DIYs, why not change the location and setting? Sitting at home for a long period of time and doing a repetitive project will take its toll after a while. In that respect, you can all organize a picnic-like outing and spend some quality time outside. If your favorite coffee shop allows it and you don’t have to deal with a ton of props and materials, you can also move your DIYs to this location. For example, making your own custom wedding thank you cards can definitely be done in the pleasant atmosphere of a café.

Remember to take a break

Every now and then, you and your friends deserve to take a break from all the DIYs. In order to make things more interesting, you can use these breaks to do something special or treat yourself in some way. You can all eat delicious cookies and sip coffee or tea, have fun with some tasty cocktails and even play some interesting games to pass the time and enjoy yourselves. It’s totally fine to do something that would make your spirits rise. If you’re already chatting and laughing all the time, use the breaks to do something even more fulfilling.

Play some funky music

Music always makes things better. In that respect, don’t forget to play some relaxing tunes as you work on your DIY projects. Moreover, if you’re having your friends over to help you, you can choose the music that marked your friendship. That way you can all reminisce about the past. What’s more, music can bring up some really cool and funny memories that would otherwise stay forgotten, which will only give you more opportunity to laugh your heart out.

Share your ideas


Doing wedding DIY projects with your friends will definitely bring up many wedding-related topics as well. Don’t refuse this kind of talk even if you’re tired of all the responsibilities that you have to face. Getting some fresh insight on possible wedding ideas for the big day can inspire and motivate you a lot. And it’s perfectly fine to pay attention to what your closest friends have to say.

Remember that you are not alone and that there’s no reason to try and finish every single task and DIY project on your own. Fun cannot be complete without your best buddies right next to you. And, since your social life will be on hold for a while, make sure to use the opportunity that DIYs provide you with, and spend some great quality time with people closest to your heart.


Authored by:

Emma Lawson



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