Outdoor Wedding- 10 Tricks To A Flawless Outdoor Wedding


There is always something special about planning an outdoor wedding. For example, the amazing beauty of a rocking seashore, familiarity of the backyard where you have grown up or a romantic and beautiful botanical garden. But no matter how attractive these sites are, there is always a huge amount of effort needed to plan an alfresco celebration. Follow these tips in order to pull off a flawless outdoor wedding.

Flawless outdoor wedding

Select the right spot:

Think about choosing a perfect wedding venue: Do you want your big day to be celebrated on a sandy shore, or a rich mountainside, maybe on a deserted area? While exploring your favourite options, it is as necessary to consider the cons as much as the pros. Can your guests get there without any problem? Will the weather be windy? (You need to visit your wedding venue before your wedding starts, in order to get to know the full effect). How much will it cost you to bring everything that will be needed? (For example, portables washrooms and catering kitchen). Will the people who are passing by be able to walk near your venue? Some of these problems have solutions and some might not have. While selecting your venue, go for a place which is convenient for your guests and also has the atmosphere and ambience that you are actually looking for.

Have a backup location:

Sometimes the weddings get spoiled because people don’t consider having a backup location for their wedding. You never know, there could be a bug infestation or a hailstorm that can take place at your wedding. While hoping for the best, it is also important to get yourself prepared for the worst case scenario. So the ideal wedding venue needs to have a plan B also. Consider choosing a location that has an indoor room where you can go, in case of a bad weather or other unexpected events.

Transport your guests:

If you have chosen a place that’s off the beaten path, arrange vans or buses to transport them from hotels to your venue to ensure they get there safely.

Be the ultimate host:

Make sure your guests are comfortable. Arrange heaters and fans if the weather is too hot and if it’s a bit chilly, make sure there are hand warmers or extra blankets available.

Inform the attire:

If you’re hosting your wedding in a garden, ask your guests to come in suits but not wear a formal black tie. Choose seasonally appropriate attire that will keep your guests comfortable.

Get amazing pictures:

Do keep the changing positions of the sun in mind so that your photographer can capture your “I do” moment without any interruption and people can also enjoy the vows without squinting.

Keep your guests safe:

Make sure your guests can easily walk to parking lot and washroom. The location should have walkways and handrails for elderly guests.

Turn it up:

Ask your DJ to play beautiful songs so that your guests can enjoy. Double check everything. You don’t want any trouble with tunes and lights in the middle of the party.

Create ambience:

Consider hanging lanterns or stringing market lights near the dance floor. Candles all over would create a great atmosphere, as long as it’s bright enough for the people to see their food.

Feed the public:

Select an experienced cook who has cooked food in outdoor weddings. Keep your menu options in your mind. Whether your guests will prefer having heavy dishes or just light bites?




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