Theme Wedding-10 Inspiring Ideas For your Big Day

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When planning a wedding, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Venue location, flowers, food, decoration, the dress. Plus, there are hundreds of little details that can’t me missed but there is one thing that is more important than any of that, the theme for a theme wedding.

Inspiring theme wedding ideas

Having an inspiring theme for your wedding sets the tone for the event and gives caterers, florists and decorators a template to use when setting up. There are many themes that you can go with and each one should suit your needs as a couple. Remember to keep it tasteful and make it something everyone can become a part of.
We have created a list of 10 Inspiring Theme Wedding Ideas that will give you some ideas and maybe spark your creativity. Let’s take a look.

1. Beach

beach theme wedding

Beach theme wedding are often thought of as more casual, but they can be elegant events is planned properly. Most of your decorating will be done for the reception which could be tiki themed or include a luau. A beach wedding gives you a chance to show off your honeymoon fashions early.

2.  Black/white

As a formal event, a black and white theme wedding can look very upscale and elegant. That doesn’t mean that is has to be. You can use these colors to create a beautiful wedding theme that is both simple and stylish. Imagine the bridesmaids in little black dresses instead of those sometimes gaudy, colorful dresses we normally see. Be sure the invitations, decorations, cake, flowers and attendants’ clothing match the black and white theme.

3.  Country chic

 theme wedding

Country-themed weddings are becoming very popular and can include a quaint country church filled with bouquets of wild flowers and silk ribbons. The contrast of the simple setting and the elegance of a wedding create an incredible wedding album. Hold the reception in a barn and include a petting zoo for the children.
4.  Extreme

Not for the faint of heart, an extreme wedding theme can be anything from saying “I Do” as you parachute out of a plane, while in a hot air balloon or, our favorite, while scuba diving. Just be sure your photographer is able to come along to capture the special moment.
5.  Fairy tale

 theme wedding

All girls dream of their fairy tale wedding so why not have one? A horse drawn carriage, glass slippers an elegantly designed wedding ceremony will make your fairy tale wedding complete. You just need your Prince Charming. With the popularity of Disney and their extravagant wedding scenes, you should have enough inspiration for your own.

6.  Green/eco-friendly

An eco-chic wedding is a popular theme that is current and gives the bridal couple an opportunity to help our planet while enlightening others as to some of the things that we can do to make a positive impact on the environment. From using recycled paper, tree-free paper and soy inks, to pesticide-free floral arrangements and organic/locally grown menu ingredients. And for the fashionista, many designers are creating eco-couture wedding gowns that are beautiful and environmentally friendly.

7.  Holiday

If you are planning a holiday wedding, you have many themes to choose from and even more decorations available. Add some slight touches to the wedding ceremony and go over the top for the reception and you will have a holiday themed wedding that is sure to be a hit.
8.  Red Carpet

Put on your Vera Wang wedding dress and Christian Louboutin shoes and show up for your wedding by walking the red carpet. Often associated with high fashion and famous designers, a red carpet themed wedding offers fun, fashion and elegance to your event.

9.  Parisian

Always a popular theme for romantic weddings, a Parisian themed wedding can take inspiration from the city of love. From a couture wedding dress to elegant French cuisine, your wedding guests should feel as if they are spending an evening in Paris. Don’t forget croquembouche for dessert.

10.  Runway

Fashionistas take note. Creating a runway themed wedding is easier than you think. You already have the setting and although you don’t want the actual ceremony to be themed, pre- and post-wedding pictures as well as the reception can become your own personal runway. With guests acting as photographers on both sides of the runway, you wedding party can make a fashionable entrance to start off the night.



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