Must have fashion items in a bag

must have fashion items

When you’re running late for office, or when you have to rush to a party, what do you do? You need certain must have fashion essentials in your bag that help you get out of trouble every day!

What you should have in your bag?

Here is a list of things you must have fashion items in your bag to rock any event, any time of the day:
Lip colors:there are three essential lip colors you always need to have in your bag. These are red, pink and a nude shade. Whenever you’re in trouble and you got no time to get ready, these are the colors that will save your life!

Moisturizers: if you’re coming straight to the office from a cool  party, you need to take off your makeup! A clever fashionista always has a moisturizer ready to moisten her skin and take care of the makeup alongside!

Hair essentials: you must have a small hair brush, a hair spray and a pair of bobby pins in case you need to change your hairdo for an event.

Bubble gum: whenever you’ve eaten something that might give you bad breath, you need to get loads of bubble gum in your mouth! A fashionista knows that the bubble gum will also keep her mouth thin and sexy.

Sunglasses: these fashion essentials are life savers! When you’re having a bad hair day or your last night’s makeup just won’t wear off, these babies will rock your attire easily!

Body sprays: when you didn’t get time to shower this morning, you can simply put on some body spray and enjoy till the evening.

Headphones: when you don’t want to listen to anybody’s crap, these babies prove beneficial and stylish at the same time!

Safety pins: in case of any clothes related hazard, safety pins are the clothes best friend.

Do you have some must have items and in your everyday bag that is different from this list? We would love to add them to this list.




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