Groom style: What is in trend, dos and dont’s

groom style

These days there are so many options available for grooms on their wedding day in terms of what to wear that it can seem a pretty daunting task to try and find the perfect groom style for the big day.

Groom Style Tips

So many stores now offer groom style that it can even be a bind just trying to decide where to go, never-mind what to buy when you get there. When you do go shopping for your attire, you’ll be faced with such a wide range of suits and men’s shoes that deciding what you want to wear and how it is going to match up with the bride’s dress and the rest of the wedding theme can be a bit of a nightmare.
Luckily we’ve compiled a list of do’s and dont’s which should help you see the wood for the trees.
1.    Don’t settle for the first thing you try on.

So you’ve decided that the best (and cheapest) option is to head down to the local suit hire shop and when you’ve got there you’ve picked the first suit that you saw and tried on. Why? Don’t do that! If your suit is poorly fitted, then people are going to notice – and you’re going to look shabby on your wedding day. Remember a well fitted suit will make you look a million dollars.

2.   Cravats
Noooooo! There’s no place for a cravat in your morning suit attire. Wear a tie. There’s nothing traditional about wearing a cravat for your wedding and that should never change. They look bad. Tradition calls for a simple neck-tie in a basic knot. Go with that and you’ll be absolutely fine.
3.  Men’s Shoes
You might think that the shoes you wear for work will look just great for wearing on your wedding day. Thinking this is a mistake. There’s nothing special about your work shoes. Get yourself a pair of shiny, new, scuff-free shoes. Polish them (if they are leather) and make sure the color of the shoe matches your suit! Brown shoes with a navy blue suit, black shoes with a black or grey suit. Easy.

4.   Creases
Would you normally go anywhere formal and not at least run an iron over your shirt? Exactly, you wouldn’t, so your wedding day is no different. You should iron the creases out of your shirt otherwise you’re going to look untidy and scruffy and why go to all that effort only to ruin your whole suit with a creased shirt?

5.   Pockets
It’s your wedding day, not a trip to the shops. With that in mind, you don’t need to be shoving all and sundry into your pockets making them bulge in an unsightly fashion – it’s a big no-no and it will ruin the crisp lines of your perfectly tailored suit. Everyone you know will be at the wedding so you don’t need the mobile phone, you can keep some banknotes in your pocket if you must buy a drink (although people should really be buying you them – it’s your wedding day!) and someone with a handbag can mind your house keys. Et viola, nice tidy pockets!
Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll find that you look just as exceptional as the bride on your wedding day – remember, she wants to have her breath taken away too.



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