10 best Nail Art trends- What you should try?

nail art

Every coming year brings forth new trends in different categories including nail art. This helps you in making an informed decision before purchasing anything.

Nail Art trends

There are different things that you need to keep in mind while shopping. For example, you should not go overboard and resist yourself in buying useless stuff. You can do that with smart planning. All you need to do is just trust the trends and buy your stuff accordingly.

Trends keep changing with seasons and occasions. The most important thing to consider in nail art is creativity. The more creative you are, the more you can make your nails look stylish.

Tropical Nail Art

It was one of the hottest nail art trends of 2016 and is likely to be followed in 2016 as well. Warm up your fingertips with the scenes of sunsets, sandy beaches and palm trees. You don’t have to be a pro to nail this art. This design can be applied in blue hues for a seashore look or for a sunset sky, you can reverse it with orange and red as well. This design is perfect for summer holidays.

The Linear look

In order to give a sophisticated and elegant look, you can apply a delicate line of black on creamy white color. You can also play around with other colors to give a different look. This nail design takes a very little effort and gives your nails a unique look.

Watercolour Nails

It is a perfect nail art for a beach party. It gives you a tie-died surfer vibe. It is one of the easiest nail arts to do. All you need is a sheer nail polish. You can start off with a base, paint the tips of your fingers, make a thin layer and then apply a final layer over it.

Romantic Red Nails

This nail design never goes out of style and can go with any attire. It makes your hands look more beautiful and attractive.

Silver and Black Manicure

This edgy nail design with deep and dark vibes is perfect for a winter night out. It looks very stylish.

Audacity Nail Art

You can use deep wine shades for this nail art. It looks visually appealing and is perfect for a romantic night. It was very popular is 2016 and is expected to go strong in 2017 as well.

Metallic Blue Nails

This nail art has recently become one of the most stylish designs in apparel. There are number of manicures that you can pull off with this claw-like style.

Gold Glitter

It gives you a very glamorous look. You can select a subtle style by adding glitter. It won’t hurt to add a little sparkle to your nails.

Bold Nail Art

You can pull off your look with the right selection of bold and darker shade colors. This design will go perfect with bland outfits.

Nude Manicure

Nude color is always in. It gives your nails a very classy look. You can use polka dot or holographic colours to enhance the look.

Hurry up and be the first one to try out some amazing nail art designs that can make you standout in different occasions.
















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