Jewelry trends of 2016/17-What is in and what is out?

Jewelry trends

I’m sure many of the women would agree with me that jewelry should be a part of every dress you wear. Everywhere around the world, you can see women wearing an ample variety of jewelry. Whether its bracelet, earrings or neckpieces, jewelry is gaining popularity day by day. Keeping with fashion trends is important in this digital age. If you are looking for jewelry trends of 2017, then you are in the right place.

Jewelry trends of 2017

So what’s in store for 2017? Below are some jewelry trends of 2017 predictions based on the trends highlighted in the fashion industry, on the red carpet and runaways.

Sapphires in seven rainbow colors:

Sapphire is a gemstone that gives you an elegant look and adds beauty to any outfit you wear. It is ideal for every occasion. It comes in a plethora of rare and unique colors of rainbow. These appealing and expensive gemstones are mostly bought by those people who want to add a classy look to their outfit.

The green and violet colors of sapphires give a different look and have a beauty of their own. The latter ones are very rare to find. Green sapphires that come in yellowish and green colors look more attractive to people than emeralds. These days orange sapphires are getting more popular so they are expected to be trendy in 2017 as well.

Yellow Gold:

There are a lot of chances that the sunny metal will stay stylish in 2017 as well. There were a lot of people seen wearing yellow gold at the 2015 Oscar and it is the most complimentary jewelry for all the 1970s outfits on spring runaways. In short, its stock is up.

Layering necklaces:

The layering style having silhouettes combined with different necklines will stay popular in 2017. A lot of people already know that! Therefore, jewelers just have to check their stock to ensure that they have a heavy selection on hand. These neck pieces can be single layered or multi-strands.

Layering leather bracelets with charms:

Layering leather bracelets with dangling charm is also getting very trendy these days. It gives a very appealing look to people.

Stacking rings:

Stacking rings come in the category of casual accessories. These can have different designs such as tiny motifs, pave, simple metal-intense or cabochons cuts. You can give yourself a bigger look with different small slim styles.

1960s-1970s motifs:

These include feathers, beads, owls or geometrically designed forms like circles or zigzags. They rarely go with every other outfit so make sure these accessories compliment your outfit accordingly.

Metal-intense statement cuffs:

Because of the declining prices of metals, these accessories will stay in the reach of consumers in the upcoming year. The metal style allows designers to get innovative and artful with textures, volumes and carved effects. They go very well with the minimalist inspired fashion.

Ear Climbers:

They are not going anywhere in 2017. Climbers are stud and hook combination pieces that snake up the ear lobe and mostly attract young crowd. They give you a very funky and modern look.

Vintage inspired designs:

People are finding vintage inspired designs really good and these designs will surely continue to attract and appeal people in 2017.





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