Street Style – Accessories we can’t live without

street style

Clothes and shoes might make up the majority of your look, but in street style, accessories are more important than you think. Accessories are becoming more significant every day. One of the things about stylish women is that it’s not just that their outfits look appealing, their dresses are always punctuated with amazing accessories.

Street Style – Accessories we can’t live without

After purchasing fabulous dresses, jeans, shirts, sandals , women need some beautiful accessories that complement and spice up the lovely outfit. Whether you want to look marvelous with a cute hat or protect your eyes with the perfect shades, we have come up with some amazing ideas that can help you in getting started on your shopping spree. Explore some street style accessories that you can’t live without and enjoy shopping with your girls!


Apart from the fact that they shield you from the strong rays of sun, hats also add a very stylish look to your outfit. Street style hats come in all forms of shapes and sizes, so you can easily look for one that can go best with your facial features. Street-style straw hat is also in fashion and a trend which is easy to adapt. There are number of options available in street style hats such as wide brim silhouettes, boater style, Panama hats etc.


Just like hats, sunglasses also shield you from the rays of sun and also give you a very fashionable look. There are countless styles to choose from, like the round sunglasses or the new black classy looking shades. You can also select bright color of shades that go with your dress. A pair of dark sunglasses having a nude acrylic frame is perfect for a colorful outfit.


There are many micro-trends that lose their charm as more people adopt them. But that’s not the case with bandana. Whenever we see someone wearing it under a collar or tying around a braid, it looks more attractive to us. The best thing with bandanas is that you can wear it however you like. There is no wrong way to wear it and countless number of right ways.

One of the most popular street style bandana designs of 2015 is the one with the polka dot prints. It looks very classy on almost every hair color.

Hand Bags

Hand bag is one the fashion accessories which is trendy as well as very meaningful and useful. You can fit whatever you want in your XXL bag, while staying forever in style. If you are looking for an ideal accessory for your street style dress, an XXL bag would be an icing on the cake. Oversize bags are a must for every style. There are many lovely designer bags out there that are perfect for the street style. Quirky bags are also in fashion, so you can consider buying one that goes with your outfit. These days, people are also going for foldable handbags. Handbags not just hold the things you want but they also complete your overall look.



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