4 Tricks to Finding Your Wedding Style

finding your wedding style

You don’t have to be a typical bride if you don’t want to! You don’t even have to do what your mother says you should; weddings are all about individuality and for you – this is the right time to choose your options wisely.
They keep telling us girls plan their weddings since they are little. Well, not every girl does and that’s absolutely fine.

The Best Tricks to Finding Your Wedding Style

Most of us have just a vague idea of what things should be like but as we grow up, we develop different characteristics, likes, dislikes, preferences – until they all mould into your unique character. And that character is precisely what you want dominant on your big day.
We’re giving you some key questions to ask and aspects to go about in this big-day planning.


Think outside the box

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your big day. You’re happy, you’re smiling, your husband to be is next to you, holding your hand…
• What is the venue like?
• Is the wedding big or small?
• What is your dress like? Your hair?
• What’s your groom wearing?
• What is the style/décor inside the venue?
• Can you hear the music and see the band? What are they playing?
• Is there a buffet with food and drinks? What’s served?
• Can you see outside the venue? Are you on the beach, in the woods, are you in a hotel?
• Are you somewhere familiar or is it a destination?
• Is the wedding classic, all-out glam, modern, vintage or rustic? Maybe a theme wedding?
• Is it winter out or spring? Is it summer, perhaps?
Now that you’ve got your basic answers, it’s time you started looking for picture-inspiration, something you can show to your wedding planner (we are sure the image in your head is wonderful but the wedding planner, unfortunately, can’t get inside of your head).

Create your inspiration board

Go through wedding magazines, blogs, your friends’ wedding photos (but don’t copy!), books… and find what may be the base to tick your wedding planning. To broaden your options, go through some unusual sources as well – a pretty perfume package, a wallpaper pattern, an interesting fabric, stationary, color, etc. are all fantastic starting points.
All that you have an emotional reaction to – pin it to your inspiration board. This will help you visualize how various elements will look together and allow you to classify ideas into goals. You can check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for inspirations


Finalize your desires

Now that you’ve found inspiration from various sources, you need to narrow in on your style and decide on final touches. Your wedding planner has probably already presented you with several drafts on how the whole wedding may look like (based on the ideas and choices you’ve singled out), so it’s time you picked one and started working on it. Your wedding day is approaching way sooner than you think, and if you want to go all in, you need to start in time!
NOTE: If you can’t get the wedding venue you had your eye on, don’t despair. There are plenty of amazing venues out there in your neighborhood that are hosting big events. You can also have a beach wedding, or one at the local library (hint: Sex and the City), your favorite hotel… options are plenty!


Make it a reality

The best way to turn your dreams into a reality is to send out that first invitation. When everything’s already decided and completed and you’re just a few months away from your I dos, there’s nothing as amazing as sending your custom made invitations (that totally fit your wedding style) to all the people dear to your heart.
Whichever style you’ve chosen, we hope you have fulfilled your heart’s desires. Have a wonderful wedding day!


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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to fashion and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.




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