Tips for Breaking into Wedding Industry Business

Wedding Industry Business planning

Everyone loves weddings – from friends and family to the bride and the groom. Pursuing a career in wedding industry business can bring you a ton of happiness – you are a part of bringing two people, who are in love, together. The list of ideas for starting a wedding-related business is long – some professions that you will read about here are typical, while others are somewhat niche and interesting. If you are a big fan of weddings, why not try squeezing into the industry?


Tips for Breaking into Wedding Industry Business

Wedding Planning

Okay, let’s tackle the most obvious profession, when it comes to weddings first. A wedding planner is a professional who is in charge of the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. In other words, a wedding planner is someone who is the proverbial “wedding boss”. This profession is quite popular among aspiring solo entrepreneurs, seeing as how it takes nothing more than a bit of expertise, some business cards and a website, to get into the wedding planning business. When it comes to skills, this profession requires coordination, negotiation and mediation skills. If you’re interested, try planning a wedding for your friends and family, to get started.



Now, show me a girl that wouldn’t like to look the part on her very own wedding! When it comes to the day-of, every bride wants to be the most beautiful girl in the entire world. If you possess some make-up skills, why not try yourself out at weddings? Naturally, first you’re going to have to practice on yourself for a while, moving onto friends and finally trying your skills out on real brides-to-be. Depending on your pedigree, experience and networking skills, the levels of income may vary, but finishing a wedding make-up course can go a long way in getting you into the game. Besides, you can always get creative by promoting some makeup brands with retail displays specially designed for weddings.

Style by Emily Rose Hannon

Style by Emily Rose Hannon

Wedding Baker

If you love baking and adore weddings, there isn’t too much to think about here. Start a specialized wedding cake business from your very home. Begin by making a couple of cakes, take some pictures, make a website, a Facebook, a Twitter and an Instagram page and post your edible works of art. Once you’ve gotten into this business, start experimenting with a variety of tastes and ingredients. Make your neighbors your testers and browse around the web for some ideas. You can also try our pages on Instagram and Pinterest for some interesting ideas.


Cake by Nevie-Pie Cakes,


Wedding Blogger

Who’s the biggest fan of weddings? The brides? Nope. The grooms? Guess again. Their parents? No, it’s the young unmarried women! The ladies without the wedding ring tend to follow the latest trends in wedding gown fashion, wedding themes, rings, flower designs and a variety of other wedding-related things. Becoming a wedding blogger is an excellent way to get into the industry business in question. Writing blog posts is usually free and, if your number of followers starts growing, chances are that the ads will start flocking, following your fans. A decent wordsmith, who’s into weddings should definitely give this freelance profession a go.

Wedding Writer

No, this doesn’t mean writing a script for Julia Robert’s next role as a bride. Wedding writers specialize in writing invitations and vows. If you are creative with both words and design, you’ll do great in this business. This is a great side job, but if things start getting serious, make sure that you work out a deal with a company that specializes in printing services, for discounts and priority delivery.


I know that this sounds nonsensical and, trust me, I am not a fan of this, but many modern weddings incorporate sharing PowerPoint presentations with the guests. Now, although this might sound a bit cheesy, it really can turn out quite romantic – contrary what I’ve said above, there were a few occasions when I’ve felt a tiny drop trickling down my cheek during these “PowerPoint” weddings (as I like to refer to them) I’ve been to.

Getting into wedding industry business isn’t too difficult nowadays. The modern wedding has traveled a long way from its traditional ancestor and this openness brings opportunity for very interesting professions to the table. There are many other ideas to be included here, such as the wedding florist, the wedding photographer, even the honeymoon planner.

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