6 Unusual But Cool Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding A Memorable One.

cool wedding ideas

If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding stand out from the crowd, here we share some of the most unusual but cool wedding ideas to ensure your guests will remember your wedding for the rest of their lives.

Seriously cool transport
If your ceremony and reception are being held at two different venues then why not help your guests make the journey by putting on some seriously cool transportation. You can take your wedding to new heights (literally) by choosing to rent a hot air balloon. If hot air balloon transport is a little out of budget, then why not rent out a double decker bus instead, so all your friends and family can make the trip together.

Personal place cards
Instead of just writing the name of your guest on each place card, why not surprise them with a little personal note too. You could thank them for traveling from wherever they have traveled from, you could thank them for a specific bit of advice or help, or you could even just write that you are so glad to have them there on your special day.

Useful wedding favors
Why not offer something useful when it comes to wedding favors. For women, you could provide flip flops so they do not need to suffer all night in high shoes. For men, how about some ibuprofen and a bottle of water to help with the hangover the next day.

Get a babysitter on board
For those younger guests, weddings can be a very long and tiring day. This often means that parents have to leave when their little ones get restless. To combat this problem, hire a babysitter in a hotel room near your venue so the little ones have a place to go when they are ready to leave. Parents can drop them off and return to the party and let their hair down.

Unique Guest Books
Nowadays most people have a guest book at their wedding. But, there are a number of ways you can make it far more memorable. You could put out a calendar instead of a traditional book and ask everyone that attended to write their name and a message on their birthday. That way you will never forget a birthday of someone you care about again.

A choreographed dance
OK, so maybe this one is not that unusual anymore, but it is still cool! As long as you put in the work beforehand.


What do you think of these cool wedding ideas? Share with us if you know any other tips.



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