Wedding Table Decoration – Tips and Ideas

wedding table decoration

A wedding ceremony is one of the most important and memorable events in every person’s life. For many people, creating an unforgettable wedding with many precious lasting moments is like a dream come true. Whether it’s a small intimate garden party or a big glamorous ceremony, the decorations and even the small fashionable accessories can make a strong impression and create a really emotional and romantic atmosphere.

Wedding Table Decoration

Amongst the most influential elements that every future-weds should consider when decorating their own wedding is the wedding table decoration. It is an important area of the day, where guests enjoy their meal and friendly conversations. If you want to wow your guests and make your wedding look like something out of the pages of popular bridal magazines, look at these creative and inspiring ideas.


Make it more fun with table names

The easiest way to bring some fun to a wedding table is to place wedding table names. When choosing the perfect name, you need to consider some special moments you have experienced together with your guests, or things you both enjoy doing. If you are a movie buff, and have a favorite film that reminds you of the most romantic moments you have spent together, it’s a great idea to name the table after a famous movie couple or even a well-known movie line. Another great idea is to choose one unforgettable holiday adventure you have experienced together and name the table after it. It will definitely get your guests talking while having dinner!


Add some color with the right centerpiece

Choosing the right centerpiece can really liven up the wedding table. There is a wide array of gorgeous centerpieces you can easily create yourself and most importantly, each of them is customizable and can be matched to the rest of the décor. If you gravitate towards a glamorous marquee wedding reception, you can opt for an elegant bloom such as a glass vase filled with cascading orchids in a single hue or set up floating candles with your favorite flowers in small bowls. However, if you want your wedding to be more laid-back, you can match your wedding colors to in-season fruit and add some color by putting them in colorful bowls. There are so many wonderful options to choose from, but bear in mind that it must match both the wedding décor and your personality.




Liven it up with natural petals or confetti

Scattering real natural petals or colorful confetti can add a stunning finish to your wedding table. Flower petals come in various wonderful colors and can be very effective. You can either make your own from fresh roses, or you can ask a florist to come up with some inspirational ideas. Even though, natural bio-gradable petals are more popular today, you can always go for a fantastic range of paper table confetti. To make it more decorative, you can scatter both petals and confetti in a heart shape that can also serve as a centerpiece, or simply fill a bowl with lovely rose petals. Either way, it will make the atmosphere more romantic and festive.


Choose the perfect tableware

Wedding tableware is the focal point of each wedding table and should be classy. Consider the wedding theme and choose the plates and silverware that suits it. From simple and elegant stoneware plates to cutlery made of precious or semi-precious metals, from floral designs to gold tone design, there are multiple and extraordinary pieces of tableware which can perfectly dress up your wedding table. If you want to add some warmth, style and ambiance to your table setting, you can always add an unusual candlestick with scented candles in it or even adorable lanterns of different sizes.


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