Wedding on a budget- Tips and Tricks.

wedding on a budget

Every girl dreams of a big fancy wedding filled with flowers, joy and her loved ones. This day just has to be perfect so it would shed some bright light on your future together. However, today’s economy and high standards of life can cause so much trouble if you want a big wedding with all of its perks. Sometimes, you have to consider going small and you need to actually find the way to save some money for a wedding on a budget.

A beautiful wedding on a budget

Don’t get married on a Saturday

If you do not want to spend a fortune on your wedding day, then you should consider avoiding Saturday as your big day. This special day is usually popular for any kind of parties and celebrations, that is why it so expensive to book. So, to avoid any unnecessary spending, you can book a Sunday, Friday or even a Wednesday for your wedding day and have the best wedding party that fits your budget. Apart from choosing a different day, you can consider choosing a month that is not so popular, such as January, March or November.


Ceremony and Reception in the same Place

Holding a small wedding reception and the ceremony in the same place can only be beneficial. Your guests have the chance to sit at their tables during the ceremony, and the appetizers can start almost immediately after it. This saves you money on booking two different rooms, bridal and guest transportation as well as other minor expenses for decoration, food, flowers etc.

wedding on a budget reception


Save Your Guests some Money Too

If you want to save some money, why not give that opportunity to your friends and family, too. Make an arrangement with all of your guests, and tell them exactly what you need. With closer family members you can agree on furniture and appliances, but as far as other guests are concerned, you can simply tell them to arrange a few visa gift cards  which are far more practical and you can buy the things you need. This is much more convenient both for you, because you do not have to reserve separate space for the gifts, and for them because they do not have to think about what to get you. Sometimes, it turns out that you do not even need three toasters in your new home.

wedding on a budget idea


No Endless Drinking

There are two downsides of endless drinks at the wedding. One, it will be expensive, especially if you have different brands of liquor. Two, your guests will be really drunk, which can lead to some uncomfortable situations. Your aim should be to prevent both downsides.

A Cake is not an Obligation

Some may think you cannot have a wedding without glamorous wedding cake. Why not? Instead of spending a fortune on big frosting and layers of flavors, you can opt for a less expensive and more unique option. For example, you can have a baker make you numerous cupcakes and cookies or choose a delicious but inexpensive dessert. Your guests will enjoy such treats more and you will save some money.

wedding on a tight budget ideawedding on a budget cake


Be your Own DJ

Wedding bands and DJs can be pricey, and not everyone likes them. Instead of spending months on a search for a perfect music, you can simply sit together with your friends and make up your own playlist. The only things you will need for your music are professional sound system and a device to play the music from.


Do your Own Flowers

The most popular thing that can go wrong at the wedding is flower decorations. To play it safe and simple, you and your crafty friends can make your own bouquets and centerpieces. This creative little hang out will save you thousands, which you can invest in a more important place. All you need is a reasonable budget, your friends and a short trip to the local flower wholesales shop.


Or even Fake it

Another option for your flower decoration is fake flowers. These flowers have many advantages. Firstly, if you pick the fabric flowers or ones made out of crepe-paper you get to choose from variety of sizes, patterns and colors. Secondly, you get to keep those forever, since they cannot die. Lastly, it is inexpensive, creative and certainly one unusual but unique idea for a wedding.

As you can see, weddings can be pretty inexpensive but still elegant and perfect. Besides all of these tricks, you can also hit some sales for the dresses and accessories and ask your friends to help you on your wedding day. You just have to be creative.

Nobody likes spending thousands of dollars on just one day. So, think outside of the box and create your own unique style of arranging a simple but fancy wedding on a budget.



Author’s bio:  My name is Alex Williams, born and raised in beautiful Sydney. I am a journalism graduate. I believe that we can learn something new every day so – Carpe diem!









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